My Model is Simple


Services Un Matched

You, my client, are the only person that pays me for anything.

I work for you and you alone.

I receive no commissions, kick-backs or any form of compensation from anyone or any company.....

With over 40 plus years of working in the business and financial management arena and providing financial advice from people who are just starting out in life to those who have had multi million dollar accounts, there is not too much I have not seen.

One thing that I know for sure, is every financial planning client is unique.

Each person or business has situations and circumstances that need to be addressed specifically and not in general terms or procedures.

With that in mind, my model is simple.

Help determine what is needed, provide prudent recommendations or suggestions, help implement the recommendations and follow through by monitoring the plan.

I am able to cover and address all the areas of prudent Financial Planning, which include but not limited to the following:

Cash Reserves.... Budgeting, etc.

Protection Planning....

Investment Planning....

Tax Planning...

Retirement Planning...(there are actually six phases in retirement)

Estate Planning...

I can address these on a specific issue or develop a comprehensive plan.

I do not sell any products but will help in choosing the best product or products needed.

I will also help find the right person and company to provide the products needed.